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Restoring pH balance in the body.

Helps absobtion of nutritiants.

HOMOZEL effectively removes from the body: free radicals, toxins and heavy metals,
 which helps with many health problems. Regular use of Homozela will lead to PH value of body
of 7.4, which improves the general immunity, because at this pH value of the organism,
growth of bacteria and viruses is wery dificult. Homozel - Clinopilolit is the strongest natural adsorbent,
 of all known absorbenata. 100% neutral, non-toxic and safe for extended use

      HOMOZEL supplement helps with:

• Improved immune and metabolic
• nausea and gastritis in the stomach
• High blood pressure
• Reduce triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood
• increased sugar
• enlarged prostate
• kidney stones and gall
• Removal of fat from the liver
• Arthritis
• psoriasis, seborrhea and herpes
• fungal diseases and eczema
       Homozel is taken orally, with a lot of fluid. Desolve Homozel in a glass of water, and can be taken
 regardless of food intake.
  Homozel is 100% natural substance, without contraindications.
Homozel contains no additives, it is completely natural. The organism is highest reserves of 4 to 7 pm,
 and then fully ejected. In patients with constipation, homozel taken with a higher
 amount of lukewarm water.
       Usage: 3-5 times per day, 1 g in 2 oz. water
The distance between the zeolite and the use of drugs should be between (1 to 1.5) hours, to avoid
neutralize the effect of the drug.
        Homozel taken 3 to 5 times daily for 1 oz. As required.
  Be sure to take at least 2 dl of water.
   As the most effective cleaner of organism
Homozel can be constantly in use.

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